Frequently Asked Questions

Is my school data safe in MS SIMS
Yes, all data entered and stored in MS SIMS is protected by the highest encryption technology which protects the data from unauthorised access. We guarantee 100% that your data is securely stored inm MS SIMS.
Are there any other costs for implementing MS SIMS?
Yes, aside from the per student charge of 1,500, there are other costs for business web hosting, maintenance, support and upgrades. These associated costs are payable on a yearly basis at the following rates.
Domain registration and business web hosting - 30,000
MS SIMS maintenance, support and new upgrades - 25% of total MS SIMS cost.
For example, based on the current special rate of 1,000 per stuent if you have a total student population of 500, then your MS SIMS yearly maintenance and upgrades cost will be 125,000 only.
What is the cost of implementing MS SIMS?
MS SIMS is charged per student at the current rate of 1,500 and this is payable once only. We often have special deals with huge discounts per student on a periodic basis. Please check our website frequently for upcoming special promotional offers.
Does MS SIMS allow the submission of results to external examiners?
Results sheets can be submitted externally only if the examination bodies have the facility to receive these results securely. If this is normal practice and the examination bodies are web-enabled with clear instructions on the mode of submission and file types the it is possible to do this within MS SIMS. MS SIMS can be customised to do anything, so please contact us for further details on MS SIMS customisations for special needs.
Can MS SIMS allow State Ministry of Education to monitor schools/colleges?
Yes. The group version of MS SIMS is purposely developed to allow organisations with multiple schools/colleges under one administrative banner to be able to monitor and manage these schools/colleges as a group online. Infact, this is what makes MS SIMS stands out from any competition. The group version of MS SIMS have over 200 out-of-box reports that allow the Ministry of Education to run management reports on any area of interest. In order to maintain high standards, optionally, the Ministry of Education can maintain leaque tables whicg measures performance across all schools. This way, under performing schools can be picked up immediately and actions taken to remedy the poor performance.
How can a school/college ensure that online examination is actually done by the student without help?
MS SIMS online examination is set and conducted under the same traditional supervision. Students will take these online examinations in a controlled and invigilated environment. Micro Solutions is planning on setting up well equipped online examination centres on some state capitals. These centres can be used free of charge by schools/colleges without internet connected computer systems.
What happens if the school/college does not want to implement SIMS after the free trial?
The free trial has no purchase obligation on the part of the school/college. If the school/college is not ready to implement SIMS after the free trial, they have no financial obligation to us and therefore is not expected to pay Micro Solutions any money.
Can we purchase SIMS if we do not have a website?

Yes, you can. MS SIMS can be accessed directly from the SIMS website without the need to have a dedicated school/college website. However, it will be beneficial for for the school/college to have its own website where other benefits can be derived. Please speak to your SIMS contact about your options and requirements.

Will Micro Solutions provide a website as part of SIMS implementation?

Yes, a school/college website is part of the implementation of SIMS for a fixed period only. After this period, the cost of designing a website along with SIMS implementation will be charged at 90,000. Please always visit our website for new deals which will save you money.

What is SIMS?

SIMS stands for (School Information Management Sytem), an online software solution for managing schools and colleges. SIMS has been developed purely for Nigeria education system and there isn't any solution like it in the market at the moment. SIMS helps you to protect your most valuable asset, your school information.

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MS SIMS is the most efficient Windows based School Information Management System with power to revolutionize the way that schools are run. Seamless transition - The software solution is customizable and easily integrated into your existing back office systems, so no huge investment is required.

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