SIMS User Manual

How to Configure SIMS in a School Group

MS SIMS provides full range of features needed
by administrators and local education authorities
  • Step 1: Login to SIMS Super Admin.
  • Step 2: Go to Add Group link, Add a group of School.
  • Step 3: Create New School DB. The DB Should be Empty.
  • Step 4: Keep the Source Code in Appropriate Place.
  • Step 5: Edit Configuration files as below.
  • Open Single School folder include/config.php

  • Open Single School folder include/config_sync.php

  • Open Single School folder include/config_super.php
  • Step 4: Login to Group Admin, create school from the link Add School.

  • How to Create Error Reporting in SIMS

  • Step 1: If Any Page Shows warning/notice error then
  • Step 2: add below line of code to the top of the page which shows such error.
  • ?php error_reporting(0); ?


MS SIMS provides full range of features.
  • Attendance management, tracking and notification
  • Integrated out-of-the box reporting
  • Administrator dashboard
  • Robust built-in MIS reporting
  • Faculty/department management
  • Staff & Students ID Cards

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  • Get a quick overview of the strength of each class
  • Juggle a class time-table
  • Access unit test papers and test scores within seconds
  • View the fee collection status and the accountant was on a lunch break or off sick
  • Automatically generate a short test message to all the parents......
  • When an unknown printer took a galley of and type
  • Freedom and affordability of open source technology
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MS SIMS is the most efficient Windows based School Information Management System with power to revolutionize the way that schools are run. Seamless transition - The software solution is customizable and easily integrated into your existing back office systems, so no huge investment is required.

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